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NovoCyte Flow Cytometer

The best value in Flow Cytometry

ACEA is helping to revolutionize the field of flow cytometry by designing and producing high performance, customizable benchtop cytometers at accessible price points. By including features such as 13 fluorescence detection channels with 3 lasers, direct volumetric based cell counting, and a versatile high throughput walkaway autosampler, ACEA’s line of NovoCyte™ flow cytometers is raising the bar for what is expected of benchtop machines. NovoCyte™ instruments are currently being used worldwide in academic, industrial, and hospital labs for preclinical drug discovery and development, toxicology, safety pharmacology, disease studies, clinical diagnostics, and basic research.

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NovoCyte Flow Cytometers

NovoCyte® is a high performance benchtop flow cytometer designed for all levels of users and all types of laboratories. This budget-friendly instrument is capable of detecting up to 15 parameters with enhanced sensitivity and resolution. The customizable laser and optical configurations of NovoCyte offer a high degree of flexibility while providing complex cell analysis capabilities. The NovoExpress® software facilitates easy and intuitive sample acquisition and analysis. Automation of multiple fluidic functions eliminates cumbersome and time consuming procedures. User hands-on time is minimized by the flexible 

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NovoSampler Pro

The NovoSampler is a modular autosampler, that can be interchanged with the single tube loader in just a couple minutes, is compatible with 12 x 75mm tube, 1.5 & 2mL tubes and 24/48/96 well plates, allowing for versatile loading modes, and increased throughput. Automatic calibration is just the push of a button and this procedure ensures accuracy between different plate types. Simply select your plate, identify your wells or tubes to run, and start running. The NovoSampler will automatically switch between samples, employ mixing or rinsing steps between samples if desired, and complete your run all while you are away.